About Us

At Leather Atrium, we believe that every luxury bag, wallet, and accessory carries a special meaning for our customers.

Whether it is a gift from a loved one or a purchase to celebrate a special occasion, these items allow our customers to relive those precious moments.

Our goal at Leather Atrium is to help our customers preserve those memories by prolonging the lifespan of their luxury goods.

With our expertise in repairing and restoring leather goods, our leather artisans are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service.


  • Leather Products

    Genuine leather products ranging from bags, wallets and accessories.

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  • Repair & Restore

    We provide professional repair services such as colour restoration, strap replacement, edge re-coating and more.

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  • Customisation

    We offer customisations for any leather goods. We do offer made-to-order leather bags that is suited to your every need.

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Client Testimonials

  • Fuss-free

    “I have sent a couple of luxury bags to Leather Atrium for cleaning and repairs several times. The service and workmanship is indeed superb. I would say that when it comes to bag servicing and repair, i am rather 'fussy' and yet they are able to meet my expectations. Kudos to Leather Atrium!!! .”

    - Lim Vince

  • Revived

    "I would like to say a big thank-you to Leather Atrium for restoring my favourite worn-out Chanel bag to its former glory. Not only is the workmanship of the highest quality, but they have an eye for details, and are able to pay attention to the slightest detail of my bag. I am happy to have found Leather Atrium, the go-to-place for any repairs/service of luxury bags; they have helped me save a lot of money”
    – Joey Tan

  • Excellent workmanship

    “When I first got it back my Bottega Veneta Long wallet looks like original and brand new. The workmanship is detailed and good. After using for 5 months condition still good and lasting. Repairing save me a lot compare buying a new one”

    – Anne L.