Terms and Conditions for Repair & Restore Services

  1. The repaired item will not be returned to its original or pristine state.
  2. Prior to the repair, there might be undisclosed or hidden damages that were not identified by our experts. If these concealed damages become more apparent after the repair, we shall not be responsible for any resulting harm.
  3. In the case of items displaying visible wear and tear, the existing leather may not endure the repair process. We shall not be held responsible if the repair outcome does not meet your anticipated expectations.
  4. In the event of miscommunication or unsatisfactory work, we retain the right to either issue a refund or provide a re-servicing of the item.
  5. We furnish you with an estimated duration for the servicing. However, if there is an extension of the servicing duration, we will not be offering any form of compensation.
  6. Items that have undergone servicing must be retrieved within a maximum period of one month. If an item remains uncollected for more than six months from the date of the initial notification for collection, we reserve the right to decide the disposition of such items.
  7. In the event that defects or damages are identified on the mentioned items after they have been collected, our right to re-service them depends on the time frame following collection. It's important to note that re-servicing does not encompass damages resulting from natural wear and tear, misuse, negligence, accidents, improper use of the item, or failure to adhere to care instructions.
  8. In the event of damages or loss of items during servicing, we will offer compensation based on the prevailing secondhand market price of the bag at the time of servicing. However, for compensation, you must provide the authenticity card along with the receipt. It's important to note that the total compensation will not exceed SGD 1,000, and once compensation has been provided, we will retain the original item.